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The first one was “Circle”


This is my first post on Keksipiste blog! So here's a bit about who I am.

By day and night I’m an architect, a mom of a super active 1,5 year old and a wife to a super fun 35 year old. Oh, and also by late night, I’m an artist. Always wanted to be an artist. Went to an art school between age of 8 and 13. My super-smart mom told me then, that I can always be an artist, no matter what profession I choose. About 20 years later I learnt that most of architects wanted to be artists, which doesn’t make me any special. And also this “always be an artist” is a proper day job, if you want to accomplish something.

So here I was, a passionate architect and a dreamer artist on a mother’s leave with a long “to do” list and no time to spare. At that time we’ve just moved into a bigger apartment and we had plenty of white empty walls. Our furnishing had to be basic, easy to clean, fun to play, oh and of course stylish, cause you know, all architects should have stylish design stuff at home. Well, for an immigrant with no castles back home, keeping it simple is a good start! We already had one baby poster that we got as a gift. I decided to create something along those lines: graphic, minimalistic and cute.

The first one was “Circle”. I was still breastfeeding back then. Happy hormones were bursting and long Finnish winter was about to end. So many happy thoughts and cute moments with our baby. Wanted to hug her all the time. Well, I still do! These were the feelings I wanted to picture in this poster. Being close to someone you love, protect them. Being protected and held by those who love you!

Creating process happened in a moment. It felt so natural to just put the lines on paper. Draw the curves that my eyes have being observing all day long, every day. It came up really great! Our friends and family loved them. And then our #keksipistepapa told me: “We should share these! We should make them a thing! They are really simply great! We can make them special, so every family feels what we feel!”

And there it was, the words that drove me to start this project. It took one person to believe in me. And there I was, sketching and brainstorming ideas on how to make it happen.

This project got me through some tough times and gave me power to move on! I don’t have much, but I have everything to be happy!

Hope that our posters remind you about those times you held your loved ones close, times you were happy with them! Times you were really together! ❤️

Sincerely yours,


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