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Our "Inventor" = Meidän "Keksiä"

When we started this poster project, we were looking for a suitable name. It wasn't very easy, since there were a lot of factors involved. And of course, it's such a responsibility to name a business. In a way it's like naming your child! So after few months of struggling and long lists of options, we still had no name. Our daughter started to say her first words back then. And since she really likes cookies, one of the first words was a Finnish word "Keksi" (eng. cookie). She was not saying it perfectly, of course, but she was putting a lot of effort to make it sound right. Obviously, the prize for saying the word did encourage her to say it again and again. So we thought, is she trying to tell us something? Is this it? So it was decided. In Finnish "keksi" means cookie, but also a verb "keksiä" means to invent. Isn't it awesome? Two amazing meanings in one word.

This story slightly pictures our life nowadays. We are very child driven. Not only because she depends and needs us, but also because we extremely depend on her. She drives us, gives us motivation and energy to go on. She also keeps us busy and active. She literally tells us what to do, if she sees that one of us is bored or staring at a phone for too long. She plans our activities and decides what are we doing and where we are going. She isn't stubborn, nor arrogant, she just knows what she wants! This and many other things we learn from her every day.

Two years ago our life changed for ever. First year wasn't easy. I felt like a very controlling, overly stressed about every single thing mom. And of course, we couldn't just hang out with friends any time, go to the movies, enjoy a meal at a fancy restaurant. When meeting friends, all you want to talk, is how your girl is growing, learning new things, how amazing she is. Going out after 9 pm is also not quite as exciting as it used to be. We just want to stay home and go to sleep early. Does it mean, we are not fun any more? Oh, we are having a fun of our life! I don't think I've ever laughed so much. I think, I'm smiling like an idiot all the time. I can't stop looking at out girl, thinking, how lucky we are to have her!

These are the big changes, that were brought to our life two years ago. Oh, and also, I started wearing pink! Yes, seriously, third of my closet is pink. And I'm happy about that! It seems, only yesterday I moved to Helsinki. When I was a child, I remember telling to my mom, that word Helsinki sounds like magic to me. And many years later I find myself here in a magical city, that changed my life for ever. This city gave me my love and my little girl! My daughter was born on June 12, same day as Helsinki Day! Funny coincidence, surely didn't plan that. Today she's turning two! Our amazing little inventor=keksiä. <3

Sincerely yours,


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