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"Teach everything you can"

I assume it's clear, that we at are not a big company or a famous brand. We are just a family with a cool idea. Well, we think it's cool. We are doing many things for the first time and we are learning a lot.

Blogging is also completely new to me. So of course, I had to check a couple of sites for advice. When you are an architect, you write mostly technical texts, e-mails to engineers and city councils. When you are a blogger, what do you write about? Well, one of the top advice was "Teach everything you can!" So this post will be focused on that. :)

If I could "teach" something regarding keksipiste posters, I should tell more about the creating process. I believe, all artists of all kinds need inspiration - that right mood to create something cool. Well, for me inspiration is everywhere I look. Especially now, after we have been self-quarantined for 6 weeks, inspiration is literally filling all free space around me! And of course by that I mean, that we spend a lot of time together, and we have lots of happy moments. Exactly those moments inspire me to create new abstracts and posters.

Few days ago it was snowing. Yes, snowing in mid April! Even in South Finland it's quite unusual. And of course #keksipistepapa took our daughter sledding. Seeing them going down the hill made me think of a new abstract, I'm really excited to start working on it! That same day snow melted and we all went bicycling in the evening. It was warm and sunny. I was pedaling and humming. Now thinking of another poster with bikes! These are the moments, that drive me to create.

So after I, #keksipistemama, create designs on paper and digitalize them, I add different looks, hairstyles, family members to enable diversity of choice. Then our software engineer #snxsnb transforms them into a code, which is added to the customizer tool on our website. Customizer allows you to build your poster and see changes in real time. Often I think, that we put too much effort into such product. There's probably more simple ways to make it work, but I find it actually fun to play with the customizer page. It's like a constructor game. You all should try it too! :)

Go to the Shop page, choose a design you like and create your personal family poster in a moment! Maybe this post will inspire you to create things you might have been dreaming of creating one day! Sincerely yours,


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