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What I’ve learnt from my two year old

I’ve been writing a lot about mother and child relationships lately. Partly because I can’t stop wondering, how are we so lucky to have such a perfect baby?! And I’m so blessed to be her mom. Also partly because I really miss my mom. Last time I saw her on Christmas. Since it’s unclear what the travelling situation will be in the near future, I don’t know when it will be the next time we see each other again.

I love my mother very much! She’s my friend, my idol, and my biggest fan. She’s the one who motivates and directs me and our whole family. I’ve been living far away from her for many years. And got into the idea of video chatting nearly every day and seeing live a couple of times a year. This year has been different. And I just miss her so very much. Miss talking until late, going out together and I miss her hugs.

So I this new poster was the way for me to express how I feel. And my wise two year old is the one to help me get through the sadness. The touch of her tiny hands on my face have a huge positive power. She lifts not only my head, but my mind from the negative thoughts. I feel so cared and protected by this little person.

Have you ever felt that your child is stronger than you? Not only physically of course. I mean, when you are just sad or tired and your child cheers you up. “Mommy, it’s gonna be OK! No worries! Give Emilia a hug!” (“Kaikki hyvin, mama! Ei hätä! Emilia hali!”).

Look at me

For a while I have been listing different things our toddler does that make me smile and that teach me new things every day.

Here are some of them:

1) You don’t need a special occasion to put a dress on. If you want to wear a pretty dress, you can! Any time! Even if it’s on top of your jeans or even if you are just going to take the trash out.

2) Sometimes it’s OK to say “no”. When you get too many tasks, know how to say no! Too much is too much! “No, no-no-no!”

3) If you feel like crying, just do so!

4) You can never own too many hats.

5) Tell to myself - I’m great at doing something! (“Minä osan! Hyvä Minä!”)

6) Not to fear trying new things.

7) Don’t be afraid to ask for something as many times as you need to get it.

8) Tell the universe what you want! “Emilia wants a car. Emilia wants a red caaar!”

9) Walking is boring, running is fun!

10) Not to fear saying something wrong. Knowing many languages is not easy. And it’s ok to make mistakes.

11) Jumping loud like an elephant is much more fun than jumping graciously like a ballerina.

12) Unicorn on your T-shirt definitely brightens your mood.

13) Be excited about little happy things.

Do you have these kinds of precious experiences, when your child taught you something new? Comment below!

Sincerely yours,


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