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What’s a perfect family home like?

Here's me again exploring the world of blogging. When thinking what to write about, I obviously choose topics that are close to my heart. And of course, lately I'm having a lot of thoughts on parenting. Please note, that I have no intention of giving any kind of advice through my posts. I am telling my stories by bringing together thoughts, that concern being a parent in Finland in the 2020's and memories from being a child in Ukraine in the 90's.

Lately we all spend a lot of time at home and on social media. So home and especially kid's room interior design on my mind a lot. So what should a perfect family home be like? How does a parent create a perfect home for a new person? Taking into consideration 90% of mommy's profiles on Instagram, it seems, that parenting in 2020's is all about trendy baby clothes, cute wood furniture, and organic foods. Looking at all the pretty pictures, some may assume, that daily life of those families is so perfect. Well, it maybe is like that for some parents, but what if you are 19 and have no higher education, no house and are expecting a baby?

This happened to my mom. She married my father, when she was 18. He was 26. At that time he was way to old for not being married, and everyone was shaming mom for marrying a "grandpa". He wanted kids straight away. So in about a year I was born. He had a decent job and was entitled to get some land, so they decided to start building a house. It was their big dream of having our own house with a yard! Since there was shortage of construction materials, and also our family pockets weren't too big, it took us 8 years to build that house.

First few years of my life we lived with grandparents. Staying with in-laws is still a big thing in Ukraine. Very convenient, when you have kids - no shortage on babysitters. For about 5 years we lived in a few rented apartments. The last one I remember really well. It was a one room apartment in a dodgy area of our town. I was not allowed to play outside. "All our neighbors are alcoholics"- mom often stated. I spent a lot of time inside playing with our dog. My "room" was a corner behind a big, old, wooden wardrobe, which was probably inherited from grand-grand parents. Next to it I had a bed and a little night lamp. Door of one section of that wardrobe was imitating a door to "my room". And even if often I was hearing too much of parents’ "conversations", it didn't bother me. I loved my corner. It was my room, my own space with my things. I was happy!

So is it really true, that it doesn't matter what kind of house you have - a small apartment or a huge villa, a loft or a dorm in a communal house. Important, that it's filled with your things - the ones, that are valuable to your heart! That old wardrobe from my childhood is now in my room at parents house. I wish, I could bring it to Finland one day.

So if some of us enjoy posting photos of pretty little things, it doesn't necessarily mean, that it's all there is in a family home. It means, that those are the important things to us! Those are the little details that make us forget about sleepless nights, aching bodies and smelly diapers. A little wooden ring with knitted bunny on it, an organic cream, that makes your skin feel younger, or a cute poster of your family hugging - these are the important details, that make our family homes perfect!

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