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What was your favorite moment today?

Today is our #keksipiste family's birthday!

3 years ago we got married and 7 years ago we've met and started our journey together. Back then I was a student and he was unemployed. We were so free and easygoing. He saw me dancing on a dance floor and came to talk. I fell in love first, very fast.

Now I remember two things that made me fall in love:

a) I have a habit of cleaning the kitchen after cooking and before starting to eat. That makes me enjoy the food more and feel more relaxed. I always thought, that it's a silly habit and no one else does that. And then I saw him clean the kitchen straight after cooking dinner for us. <3

b) Back then and for all these years, before we go to sleep he asks me this question: "What made you happy today?" Such an unusual, sensitive question. "Where is it coming from? Was his mom asking him that, when he was a child?" - I thought back then.

Now we are "grownups" and we have a child. Or rather, we are grownups, because we have a child. There's times, when I'm tired or upset and really don't want to answer to his silly question. Well, you know, damn it helps, if I just think about it for a second. What was a happy moment today? What made me smile? And when most of the days are filled with same routines, it's actually not that hard to pick those special and really happy moments.

For us these posters are the way to focus on positive moments. These are the answers to that simple question: "What was your favorite moment today?" This is my favorite moment! The moment I hug you and her. The moment, we read, bike. Moment we just are together!

Sincerely yours,


Wedding photos by @olya_florence

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